Kality Foods


Juliet Biscuit 

With the perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla, Romeo biscuits are suitable for any occasions whether it be an early morning bite or a late afternoon snack. A match made in heaven, these are best when served with their ‘other halves’, savory strawberry flavored Juliet biscuits. Anyone with a sweet tooth is bound to fall in love with Romeo and Juliet.

Product Specification 

Weight : 45 grams
Product Type : Cream Sandwich Biscuit
Brand : JULIET
Manufacturer : KFSC
Item part number : 1306-10-02
Package Dimensions : 135 x 266 x 230 mm; 45 Grams per pack and 2.7 kg per carton
Ingredients : Wheat flour, vegetable shortening, milk powder, sugar, salt, leavening agent, emulsifier, preservatives, permitted food colors and flavors