About Kaliti Food SC

Company Overview
Our Company Kaliti Food S.C (KFSC) has been in the Manufacturing industry for nearly a century (since 1938), taking its position as a pioneer and introducing food industrialization in Ethiopia. KFSC is a producer of various wheat-based products, operating on one of the largest food processing sites in Ethiopia. The Company’s primary and generic brand, Cerealia, has been a household brand name throughout Ethiopia for over 82 years and to this day continues to strive in the sector.

Our Vision

To build the largest Food Processing and Distribution Enterprise in East Africa and be recognized for delivering great service, innovation, social responsibility and quality of the highest standards.

Mission Statement 

We operate as leaders in the Ethiopian Food Processing Industry by driving performance at every level of our organization, meeting global standards in all our operations, and benchmarking excellence in innovation and delivery.

Our Values

  • We own it…. then do it!
  • Every difference makes a difference
  • Do the right thing
  • Deliver world-class service

Our Culture

  • Better everyday
  • Deliver excellence
  • People first
  • Creativity